Why Become an Actuary

The variety of work
You can work in specialist areas of insurance, pensions, benefits, healthcare, investments and banking, or for any largeĀ  organisation where risk management plays an important role, or for a consultancy advising on all sorts of different projects. Actuaries are most recently being more engaged in environmental modelling of natural catastrophic events including including flood, earthquake, hericanes etc.

Financial reward
All throughout the world, salaries and benefits package for actuaries are lucrative right from entry-level practice. It has been consistently rated the as one of the highest paid professions over the years.

Intellectual Satisfaction
Because of the rigouressness of the training, Actuaries are problem solvers, using their interpretation of statistical data and knowledge of social and economic systems.

International Opportunities
Because of the relevance of the actuarial skill, once qualified, an actuary can work anywhere in the world with equal recognition.

Highly Influential
Actuaries all over the world function in high-level strategic positions in large companies and government and can have a positive impact on legislation, businesses and individuals.