Global Perspective

Actuaries are traditionally know to function in life, general or health insurance as well as pensions, finance and investment sectors with only a handful in other sectors. The evolution of the Actuarial profession from traditional practice in today's volatile environment has seen actuaries better understanding the impact of risk arising from issues as stock market decline, low interest rates, huricanes, flood and even terrorism. The skill set provided by actuarial training also equips with high-level analytical flair which is very much sought after in the business environment. A simple chat of the performance of actuarial skills evaluated by employers as indicated by Society of Actuary in the past is shown below

As actuaries have become relevant to businesses outside traditional practice areas, the profession has also seen a significant growth across the globe especially in asia and africa. The African continents as a region has potentially a good proportion of untapped actuarial talents and now receives the support of governments and international actuarial community towards the development of actuarial capacity in the region. It is expected that with the commencement of undegraduate actuarial programmes in major universities across the region, new talents will be groomed into professionals which will in-turn increase the annual growth rate of actuaries.