ASG Partners Vodafone for Data Science Training

The Actuarial Society of Ghana (ASG) has entered into a partnership with Vodafone Ghana to aid actuarial science students from universities across the country to adapt with an actuarial career in data science. The beneficiaries of this partnership would be newly graduated students that pursued degrees in Actuarial Science, Mathematics and/or Statistics. The program will offer training to the graduates in the area of data science. The partnership follow the recent update of the International Actuarial Association's (IAA) syllabus to include predictive modelling/data science and the emergence of data science as a global phenomena in both traditional and non-traditional areas of the profession.

The ASG in March 2018 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for this partnership under it's Graduate Actuarial Training (GAT) programme to commence in September 2018 and scheduled to last for the duration of the national service programme every year. The Graduate Actuarial Training (GAT) project initiated last year is intended to place outstanding newly graduated actuarial students in real actuarial work environment where they can gain hands-on applicable skills to take-off their actuarial career. This move is a milestone for the ASG because it is the beginning of training actuarial science students in data science, a new practice area in the actuarial profession.

The criteria for selecting the graduates for this training are that they must have completed their undergraduate programme in the fields of actuarial science, mathematics and or statistics with a good GPA/CWA and must have passed at least one preliminary actuarial examination. Graduates must also have an aptitude for research. Students who participate in GAT would be equipped with "Excel-VBA and R" modelling skills needed to carryout basic analysis and modelling in their day-to-day work engagements, while being assigned mentors to aid them in their actuarial career for the duration of the programme. ASG hopes that this partnership will not only help give graduates a head-start in the progression of their actuarial career but also help fine-tune and inform their choice of a practice area as Actuaries, while encouraging students in the actuarial field to start the process of getting credentialed while at the university.