The GAT Program

Learning and Practicing in the Different Shades of Profession

The Actuarial Society of Ghana (ASG) is committed to it's role of spearheading actuarial capacity development in Ghana. The Graduate Actuarial Training (GAT) Programme is one the several ASG initiatives to develop capacity by serving as a conduit that connects graduate actuarial talents to industry. The purpose is to get actuarial graduates to appreciate the Actuarial Science programme by exposing them to real world actuarial experience.

ASG aims to attract the smartest actuarial talents from across the universities through the GAT programme for placement in the various actuarial departments of different practice areas of the profession. This includes but not limited to Life insurance, General Insurance, Health insurance, Micro-insurance, Pensions, Investment and Asset Management practice areas.

As an Actuarial Science graduate getting your first leap into an actuarial environment is an absolute priority and this is what the GAT Programme seeks to help you achieve. As a beneficiary of the GAT Programme, you'll be equipped with the most essential actuarial skills needed to become valuable and indespensable to various actuarial functions. Finally, providing mentorship and positioning you for the professional actuarial qualification is an aspect you cannot afford to miss.