Goals, Missions & Values

To make members of the ASG recognized experts in the management of risk and contingent events and to be a significant contributor to public policy.


To represent the actuarial profession, promote its role, reputation, professionalism and recognition in Ghana; and to make meaningful and timely contributions to public policy

The objectives of the Society shall be:

1. To promote the study and discussion of, research into and the publication of matters relating to the:-
        a. Application of economic, financial and statistical principles to practical problems, and;
        b. Actuarial, economic and allied aspects of life insurance, non-life insurance, employee retirement benefit, health insurance, finance and investment with particular reference to Ghana.
2. To regulate the practice of actuarial profession in Ghana
3. To promote, uphold and develop nthe highest standards of professional training, knowledge, practice and conducts among actuaries; and in pursuance of this objective to publish codes of conduct and practice.
4. To promote the status of actuarial profession and all those engaged in it in any capacity
5. To provide a source of reference on actuarial matters for the government of Ghana, Regulatory authorities and interested bodies
6. To foster and encourage social relationships amongst actuaries both within Ghana and internationally.
7. To do all such other things as may be considered as incidental or condusive to the above bjectives